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File RDF Reference Manual The infrastructure is a “skeleton” Access application with five independent subsystem “managers” plus a library of support modules to enhance VBA code development for Forms and Reports. The Framework consists of three Access files: • Front-end (FE) and back-end (BE) database. It is built to support multi-user applications. All shared data resides in the back-end database. The front-end database contains all forms, reports, modules, macros, etc. and temporary tables specific to each user session. Each user executes their own copy of the front-end. • The RDF_Library database file. Most of the RDF infrastructure is contained in RDF_Library.accdb. You may want to develop your application using the .accdb version of the file so that you can more easily test / debug. Then you can create a .accde version to distribute with your application if you like.
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File HAL Reference Manual HCI Access Library (HAL) Reference
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File RDF Product Benefits The HCI Access RDF product provides a feature-rich Microsoft Access application framework. It “kick starts” the build of a new user application or gives additional capabilities to an existing application.
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File RDF Release Notes HCI Access Rapid Development Framework (RDF) Release Notes for v1.4.0
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File RDF software license Rapid Development Framework (RDF) software license: Licensing is offered on a per-seat basis. Each Developer must have their own license to use this product. After purchasing a license for this software, you are entitled to distribute the RDF objects within your applications royalty free. Please note however, that your end-users do not and will not inherit any rights to develop their own applications using the RDF objects in any shape or form
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